Chardonnay barrique 2016

100% Estate Vineyard/ Okanagan Falls/ Rolling Hills Road

WOW what a Chard! is the feedback we receive for this wine. YES it is an outstanding example and probably one of the best ones we made. Only 10 barrel (250 cases) produced of this soft and gentle oaked wine. The juice fermented in the barrique barrel and stayed for another 5 months for aging on sur lie in there. The result is a complex (yet loaded with tropical fruit) wine. The terrain specific soft undertones are all a mirror of the terroir as it comes from our Estate Vineyard in Okanagan Falls. The oak plays the role of a nice backdrop so the fruit can shine in the front. Ripe dried Apricot, Nectarine, and nutty flavours combined with a soft but very light buttery finish – it will make you to rethink ABC (Anything But Chardonnay)!

Enjoy: now-2021.
Dryness level:  zero  (0gr/L)



$20.0 / 750 ml


or an even more exciting Chardonnay version...


8th Generation Estate Vineyard in Okanagan Falls,
Peter Becker in Summerland, Ralph Suremann in Naramata & Tom Potts in Lake Country

50% Chardonnay / 25% Pinot Gris / 25% Kerner
Notes of apricot & pear combined with a soft citrus on the nose. The palate explodes with honey, pineapple and more soft exotic fruit. All play nicely together with tiny bubbles and a never ending finish. A very versatile wine as it always works for brunch, lunch, dinner, or drink it on its own. (Also great as a foundation for Cocktails like the Bellini or Hugo).

PS: This is not a traditional Champagne style wine. Think more of it as an Okanagan Prosecco version. The idea of making a frizzante wine is to have a fresh, crisp white wine with soft bubbles. While avoiding the second fermentation (less yeast contact), the wine is younger and boosts with powerful fruit flavours.

Dryness level:  “exciting”-one  (16gr/L)
Enjoy: now

$21 / 750 ml