Late Harvest Chardonnay

Botrytis in the vineyard! Could be a nightmare in a wet weather period or the best thing ever if it stays dry.  We were lucky, the weather stayed dry and enabled us to create a Late Harvest wine. There are basically two options as only some grapes in the vineyard are effected by botrytis/ noble rot. Pick all of them as usual or go the extra mile and pick them separately. Well we went for the extra effort and picked with two buckets. The regular Chardonnay grapes for the Chardonnay barrique wine and only the grapes which looked like shrivelled raisins went into the Late Harvest bucket. It’s hard to imagine that there is any juice in them left. Well a bit was left and a thick, sweet, super aromatic desert wine was the result. Try the Late Harvest “on the Rocks” with a cheese plate on hand. Picked with 29,5 brix it would qualify to be called Beerenauslese (according to German wine law).

Enjoy: now- 2018
Sweetness level: 9 (94gr/L)

PS: The beneficial use of “noble rot” was discovered in the late 18th century at Schloss Johannisberg in the Benedictine Abbey of Fulda/Germnay. At the abbey, they once started picking rather later than had been their custom and the grapes had begun to rot. It turned out that the wine made from these grapes was of exceptional quality and greatly exceeded expectations.

$ / 200 ml

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Ice Wine Syrah

Handpicked on the 23rd of November at minus 13C.  Receiving 90 points as a barrel sample from John Schreiner is quite something.  And yes you read right – barrel sample! This Icewine went for 3 month into a new French oak barrel just to pick up Vanilla. With all the thick sweetness, the oak basically doesn’t have a chance to show up. It is super rich and got a nose and palate of quince jelly, ripe juicy plum & honey. Please do NOT have it in chocolate cups- while munching the chocolate you will kill the seductive Icewine after taste.

Yolanta’s favorite recipes with Ice wine:

  • 2 shots Vodka & one shot Ice wine, a squeeze of lime = best Martini ever!
  • Glaze your scallops before serving with a tablespoon of Ice wine

B.C. poet-sommelier Brian Storen: “Syrah Ice Wine; choosing a weekend off as opposed to harvesting resulting in a fast freeze of the fruit and subsequent brilliant shift to ice wine genre, 37 brix.  Captured by Bernd & Stefanie’s consummate enological artifice I am uniquely struck with the ethics; instinctual, visionary yet ethically fundamental winemaking. What their wines reveal to us about Terroir (Location, soil, altitude, season, winemaker ego sublimation), the winemaking metrics & most importantly ourselves. Minimalist intervention to the wine’s essential personality, it’s truth, it’s profoundly unsettling yet impish challenge to preconceptions about taste and it’s trigeminal brain stem revelations through old world sentience (the ability to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively) about growing, harvesting and fermenting. We need to allow the time to let these utterly unique wines speak their elegance to our eyes, nose, palate, imagination that reveals as much about ourselves as what’s in the bottle & why/how it got there. To embrace the honour we are experiencing”.

Dryness level: super sweet 10+ (110gr/L)
Enjoy: now-2018

$59.90 / 375 ml