Pinot Meunier Rosé 2016


100% Estate Vineyard/ Summerland/ winery location
100% Pinot Meunier grapes    pronounced: mø.nje

“Sexy pink” fruit explosion in your glass; everything that’s red; raspberries, pink grapefruit, strawberries, watermelon, plum and rhubarb is just the tip of fresh fruit “ice berg” that you will find in this wine. But, as all our wines, enough acidity to keep it alive. It’s not the usual pink, there is more to it. 24hrs on the skins and then gently pressed extracts all the intense flavors we are after.
Don’t keep it, it’s a wine for this year- it will not improve with aging.

Dryness level:  dangerous sipper  (16gr/L)

$19.50 / 750 ml

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close AND with some frizz...


Grapes from 8th Generation at the Estate Vineyard in Naramata & Summerland and Peter Becker in Summerland

90% Pinot Noir 10% Pinot Gris
Wild strawberries, Rainer Cherries abound in this creamy frizzante wine. Crisp, fresh field berries mingle with a hint of pink grapefruit to make this a refreshing summer sparkler. The Pinot Gris portion magically transfers the finish to “cream-soda”. Yummy! Very easy to pair with “summer cuisine”, as an aperitif or drink on its own with a bunch of great friends. This is the wine for lunch, brunch, dinner… and a late breakfast too.

Drink now- this wine will not improve with age.
Dryness level:  sipy-(22gr/L)

PS: The idea of making a frizzante wine was to have a fresh, crisp rosé wine with soft bubbles. While avoiding the traditional Champagne process/second fermentation (less yeast contact), the wine is younger and boosts with powerful and more fruit flavours. Think more of it as an Okanagan Prosecco version.

$21 / 750 ml