Pinot Noir 2015

100% Estate Vineyard/ Summerland/ winery

Grown in the fertile, rich soil of Trout Creek (Winery location) this wine is layered with classic Pinot Noir aromas of cherry, raspberry and the typical earthiness. It is an elegant yet robust wine which delivers a gentle hint of spice & a smooth long finish. Fine Tannins give a great texture too. Aged 12 month in most neutral French Oak Barriques as we are not after a woody/massive wine and rather stay on an elegant & soft Pinot Noir expression.

The wine is bottled in Nov.2016  and will taste so much better in Fall, have patience.

Enjoy:                Fall 2017- 2020
Dryness level:  zero  (0gr/L)


$22 / 750 ml


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Chardonnay barrique

100% Estate Vineyard/ Okanagan Falls/ Rolling Hills Road

Only 6 barrel (150 cases) produced of this soft and gentle oaked wine. The juice fermented in the barrique barrel and stayed for another 5 months for aging on sur lie in there. The result is a complex yet soft Chardonnay with the terrain specific fruity undertones, as it comes from our Estate Vineyard in Okanagan Falls. The oak will not knock your taste buds out – it plays the role of a nice backdrop so the fruit can shine in the front. Ripe dried Apricot, Nectarine, and nutty flavours combined with a soft but very light buttery finish – it will make you to rethink ABC (Anything But Chardonnay)!

Enjoy: now-2020.
Dryness level:  zero  (0gr/L)

SILVER @ All Canadian Wine Championship 2016
SILVER @ North West Wine Summit 2016


$20.0 / 750 ml