RedOne 2016


8th Generation Vineyard in Naramata and grape grower Ralph Suremann in Naramata

A blend of Merlot & 15% Syrah grapes to spice it up. A velvet wine with no oak and a bit of rest sweetness. Expect a thicker fruit palate as the wine is not “bone dry”. No grated tongue feel as there is no oak involved. How does that work? Well,  enjoy it as a Summer RED, chilled like a Rosé wine. I’m confident it will surprise you how well it pairs to everything from the BBQ, have it with spicy dishes or a book/lawn chair combination. This is my wine with Pizza, when a crazy day is over and all I want is a minute of silence and a glass of wine 😉

Enjoy it chilled this summer (and keep only one bottle for mulled wine on the slopes)

Dryness level: mid zero

$19.50 / 750 ml

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Cabernet- Merlot


70% Merlot Estate Vineyard/ Okanagan Falls/ Rolling Hills Road
30% Cabernet Sauvignon “Angel Vineyard” Jörg & Anette Engel, Naramata Bench

Merlot- an Okanagan beauty combined with equally renowned Cabernet Sauvignon blends together into red wine heaven.
The Cabernet Sauvignon provides the structure (dark flavour of black currant and ripe bell pepper) while the Merlot shows off the fatter, juicier (black cherry, cocoa) component. Aged in French Oak barrels for 12 month (25% new oak, balance in 2-5 year old barrels).
So versatile when it comes to food pairing. This wine is made to complement your dishes, not to outdo it. You won’t get tired of this wine as it got a wonderful structure combined with soft tannins and fruit.

Enjoy: Fall 2017- 2020
Dryness level: zero (0gr/L)

$22 / 750 ml